3 Foods to Promote Hair Growth

If you want to start the year focusing on yourself and your first thought is to look and have beautiful, strong, silky, and healthy hair and last but not least, make it grow quickly, clearly in addition to giving it the proper care and hydration that it requires With products intended for this task, it is important to pay attention to your nutrition and what you eat daily. Were you aware that there are foods that contain nutrients that make your hair grow quickly and healthy ?; If you don’t know what they are and you want to know more about the subject to help with your goals, keep reading, here we reveal the main 3 foods to promote hair growth and others that also help in the process.


With these foods, you can stimulate hair growth accompanied by proper nutrition and care. Returning to the topic of nutrition, some foods give your hair special vitamins and minerals to help it grow healthy and strong.

Here we leave you the 3 foods to promote hair growth and will allow it to be healthy and shiny:


This food or any that is rich in proteins are good for hair growth and your health in general, these proteins are used for the construction of cells including hair cells, many studies affirm that hair loss may be associated with protein deficiency. So if you want to have a long mane, start adding chicken and other proteins in greater quantity, that is, taking care and limiting calories.



They are beneficial for health in general, but when looking to optimize hair growth, incorporating eggs into your diet can be influential, as they contain many proteins, they also contain biotin so you will soon be showing off silky and healthy hair. In addition to ingesting it, you can apply it as a moisturizing mask from time to time to give it shine and strengthen it.

You can also promote hair growth by consuming these extra foods that contain nutrients that are good for your hair and your body:


This superfood is healthy and one of its main powers is the health benefits is to promote hair growth thanks to zinc.


There are ideal breakfast cereals that contain iron, this mineral is important to have optimal blood flow and controlled iron levels, this is also related because it combats hair loss and makes it grow.


They contain vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that, in addition to protecting cells, also prevents hair loss and dry scalp.


Fish such as sardines and others are a source of omega-3 acids that help prevent dryness, thanks to their oils they keep the scalp hydrated so that hair growth is adequate and also grows hydrated, healthy, and shiny.